Mufti Abdulazeez

Teacher’s Aide

He completed Hifz at a young age. After the completion of his tahfīz, he pursued 10 years of in-depth study of Arabic grammar and literature, Qur’ānic sciences, Hadīth, and Fiqh, and graduated from Jāmiah Rahmāniyyah, Bangladesh. He resides in Bangladesh where he serves as an Imam and teacher.

He has Ijāzah in the 6 books of Ahadīth - Bukhāri, Muslim, Tirmidhī, Nasā’ī, Ibn Mājah, and Abū Dāwūd, as well as Muwattā of Imām Mālik and Imām Muḥammad.

He has been staffed by Mufti Naieem to serve as an advisor and provide complementary services for the students. He assists in listening to students recite their Manzil (Revision). He also does one-on-one sessions with students who need additional help. He teaches remotely via Skype/Zoom on a large flat-screen TV screen (placed besides Mufti Naieem) with a high-quality headset, microphone, and camera. He has been teaching in this manner for the past few years and has received great feedback from both students and parents.