The objective of education in Islam is to prepare individuals to be guided and governed by the spiritual and ethical values of Islam so that there is a positive effect on their actions, decisions, and approach in life. Our goal is to instill Islamic values during the developing years when Islamic education is in greater need to counter the ills of society. This is even more critical for young developing minds. It is essential to provide a rich stimulating environment for the general development of our children. This includes physical, mental, social, and emotional activities to mold and to develop their minds, character, and attitude in accordance with Islam. At the same time, we are providing opportunities to parents .


Dārul Hikmah is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization operating in Irving, Texas since 2014 under the Supervision of Mufti Naieem Chowdhury along with his wife, Shaikhah Umm Talhah. Several programs are offered for students of all ages, including Qā’idah, Qur’ān recitation, Online HafṣIjāzah Course, Full-Time and Part-Time Taḥfiẓ, Arabic, Fiqh, and Part-Time ‘Ālimiyyah Course. The Taḥfiẓ program focuses heavily on retention through a proven and effective, traditional methodology.Currently we are working on acquiring a piece of land in Irving, TX, to facilitate the growing demands of our students.


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