Full-Time Hifz & Hifz Retention

Objective of Our Full-Time Hifz Program

Through our rigorous curriculum grounded in a tested, traditional methodology, which focuses on strong Hifz retention and quality, we aim to produce Strong Huffaz, who embody the Sunnah as well as engage in Khidmah (service) and Da’wah.

Upon successful graduation from our Hifzh program, our Huffaaz and Haafizaat will be capable of reciting 5 Juz from memory in one sitting, with little to no mistakes, as well as independently and proficiently reciting the entire Quran in Taraweeh prayers.

Full-Time Hifz Program Key Highlights & Features

  • Daily Hifz Progress Report Folder
  • Daily Sabaq: Students memorize a certain amount according to their capability and are allowed to pass ONLY with zero mistakes.
  • Daily Sabaq Para (Sabaq of previous ~2 weeks): recited ONLY to teacher and assigned a letter grade (A/B/C/F) based on number of mistakes.
  • Daily 1 Juz Manzil (Revision): recited ONLY to the teacher and assigned a letter grade (A/B/C/F) based on number of mistakes.
  • Daily 5 Ajzaa’ Tilaawah: Students individually read 5 Ajzaa’ with looking.
  • Weekly Dawr on Fri/Sat: Students pair up and recite 3-5 Ajzaa’ from memory to one another under supervision of the teacher.
  • Zero-mistake Policy for Passing Each Juz: Upon completion of a Juz, students are not allowed to progress until entire Juz is recited to teacher with zero mistakes.
  • Daily Hadith Reading by students: Students read different Ahadith on virtues from Muntakhab Ahadith.
  • Weekly Halaqah: Students are given lessons from Taleemul Haqq as well as talks on miscellaneous topics.
  • Memorization of Masnoon Duas
  • Memorization and application of Tajweed rules
  • 5 days a week class
  • Supervised Youth Taraweeh in Ramadan: students perform 20-rakah Taraweeh in pairs, reciting 1-2 Juz nightly. Student who are not Hafiz are able to complete multiple cycles of their Manzil/Revision throughout Ramadan. This pair-system allows for students to prepare and individually recite large portions of the Qur’an in Taraweeh.
  • Extra Time Given to Beginner Students After-School and on Weekends
  • Small student-teacher ratio (10-12 Students per teacher)

Core Subjects

  • Tajweed
  • For Full-Time Hifz: Qur’an memorization of new lessons, previous revision (sabaq para), and back revision (manzil)
  • For Qur’an Retention: Qur’an revision or rememorization for Hifz graduates

Islamic Character Development

  • Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic etiquettes
  • Praying salaah when it is time for salaah
  • Cleaning the classroom at the end of class by putting away books and desks, picking up large trash/papers etc., and light vacuuming. Light vacuuming is only for students 10+ years old. If any parents do not want their 10+ years old child/children to vacuum, please inform the instructor.

School Year Class Schedule

  • Full-Time Hifz
    Monday-Thursday 8 AM-3 PM
    Friday 8 AM-11 AM
  • Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Etiquettes, and Dua Memorization
    Friday 11 AM-12 PM

Ramadhaan Class Schedule

  • Full-Time Hifz Monday-Thursday 10 AM-2 PM Friday 9 AM-1 PM

Daily Class Schedule will be provided after enrolment.


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Mufti Naieem


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Hafizah Umm Mahmud


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Shaikhah Umm Talhah