About Us


Dārul Hikmah is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization operating in Irving, Texas since 2014 under the Supervision of Mufti Naieem Chowdhury along with his wife, Shaikhah Umm Talhah. Several programs are offered for students of all ages, including Qā’idah, Qur’ān recitation, Online HafṣIjāzah Course, Full-Time and Part-Time Taḥfiẓ, Arabic, Fiqh, and Part-Time ‘Ālimiyyah Course. The Taḥfiẓ program focuses heavily on retention through a proven and effective, traditional methodology.

We are currently trying to expand our institution and acquire property in Irving, Texas to fulfill the growing needs of the community and better facilitate the education of our student body. Please support us, through your Du’aas and donations, in establishing a strong Islamic environment for the upbringing and preservation of the next generation of Muslims in America.